These are the trends to avoid in the kitchen for 2022

These are the trends to avoid in the kitchen for 2022

Are you ready to renovate your kitchen? This is a good time to reconsider any of the design trends you have. These are kitchen trends you need to avoid by 2022.

You’re ready for a kitchen renovation? Do you feel confident in your design? It’s possible to be wrong if any of these design trends are included in your design. Even the most well-intentioned trends are susceptible to falling out of fashion.

These are the trends to avoid in the kitchen for 2022
These are the trends to avoid in the kitchen for 2022

Home offices are expected to be more in demand than ever in 2022.

Over the last decade, small work stations in a kitchen were a great addition. But work habits have changed in recent years. More people work from their homes; others do remote work 100%.

This will require a much larger workspace than a small desk in a kitchen. This year, home offices won’t be enough. Your lunch crowd will not interrupt Zoom meetings as offices move to more quiet and larger locations.

Soffits is the boxy structure placed above your kitchen cabinets. It houses pipes, wiring, and other functions.

They are nearly always awkward and can stick out above the cabinets. They can be functional but designers have recently reconsidered their use and found them to cause clutter and detract from the design.

When you remodel your kitchen, this is the time to take out those pipes, wires and ducts and move them elsewhere. To increase your kitchen storage space, you can install taller cabinets. Your cabinets can be extended to the ceiling.

White kitchens cannot be touched in design.

There will always exist space for a white kitchen. Designers worry that too much white can make the kitchen seem sloppy and unprofessional. . .

There are many methods to achieve all white without going crazy. With accents, or with an equal amount of another colour, you can provide context. Not all colors have to be vibrant and loud. A neutral color or metallic can make white stand out. You could also consider adding texture to your white-colored kitchen. Texture adds depth to a white kitchen and makes it look richer.

They were the standard in kitchen design in the 1990s and 2000s. However, they are now outdated. Quartzite is the latest trending countertop. It’s a beautiful, but costly, favorite that has taken kitchen design by storm.

The popularity of quartzite is due to vein vs. grains. Granite is a hard stone. Granite has a speckled appearance because of its fine grain.

Veined rocks like marble or quartzite may have strands containing darker or lighter stones. It’s not the speckled look that you want to avoid. Any countertop surface featuring a more consistent color or veining will be on-trend: concrete, stone, wood, engineered and other materials.

We’re losing our love for the ornate details we’ve loved over the decades.

Now minimalism is the trend. Even though details add character and personalization, they can also become heavy and won’t age well.

Plain and simple can be dressed up as well as left alone. You can always make your design stand out with accents. These accents do not have to stay put, but they can be easily removed when trends change.

Simple stays relevant longer. It is also an advantage if selling your home later on. Potential home buyers can insert their personal details into a simple kitchen.

The kitchen should be functional first.

However, the trend in 2022 will favor a visual simpler approach.

Toaster ovens as well stand mixers are likely to move into the pantry. Microwaves above the stove won’t work anymore. The smaller and less visible functional items in your kitchen is the better.

There will be a huge increase in cabinet door designs for dishwashers or refrigerators. The kitchen might disappear completely into the surrounding environment.

Style Mismatch

We will not be able to live in an enclosed kitchen again. However, an open floor plan needs careful design planning. The entire space should feel like one unit.

No longer can you have a rustic kitchen on a mostly modern floor plan. This is a design error that can be avoided. It requires knowing your preferences and being able adapt them to your open floor plan.

Short Backsplashes, No More 4-inch or 18-inch Backsplashes

They aren’t practical and don’t look good stylistically. In 2022 years, the trend will be to install a backsplash all the way from the countertops to the bottoms. Designers prefer to continue the backsplash material up the wall. A backsplash that extends to the entire wall can serve as an accent and become the centerpiece of your kitchen design.

Removing the four-inch backsplash might mean you need to rethink your backsplash material. Many kitchens that have a shorter backsplash use the exact same material as the countertops. That’s also true for taller backsplashes. You can also opt for glass, mirror, tile or another washable surface.

Now you have the knowledge to successfully remodel your kitchen. You know which trends you should avoid and what to do instead. This will help you create a kitchen that stays relevant.

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