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Non-residents can purchase property in Ireland

Ten facts for non-residents who want to purchase property in Ireland

The coronavirus pandemic has had little impact on Ireland’s property market. Although house prices increased 8.44% in 20211 it is still a sellers market, as the demand for property keeps rising. There is a shortage of property, which could lead…

How to recycle in Ireland

How to recycle in Ireland

You have two options: take it to a recycling centre or use a local kerbside collection. If you have organic waste, you can choose to either use a collection kerbside or compost it yourself. Many facilities will also accept bulky…

Plastic has become a global problem.

Since the mid-20th century, plastic has been a cost-effective, durable and flexible material. However, plastics take centuries to decay, so even though all of the plastic has been sent to Ireland’s landfills, it still exists. We continue to produce and…