3 easy steps How to Clean Car Windows

3 easy steps How to Clean Car Windows

When driving a car, there are many things to consider. You need to think about where you are going and at what speed, as well as what other cars doing…

You don’t want your mind to wander into the past and think about what you should have done.

You can find it tiresome to see through the dirt, but dirty windows can be distracting or dangerous if they are left uncleaned while you drive. We don’t recommend it.

To ensure you don’t end up in this situation, we can guide you to clean both the outside and inside of your car windows.

3 easy steps How to Clean Car Windows
3 easy steps How to Clean Car Windows

What is the best product to clean windows in cars?

Newspapers have been long regarded as the best method to clean windows. But, today’s water-based inks used in newspapers might leave you with inky marks.

Paper towels and regular cloths can often leave behind residue or fluff that makes it difficult to clean your car’s windows. Microfibre cloths are the best option for cleaning your windows.

There are several options available for your cleaning product. While you may have one or two glass cleaners in your home, it is always best to purchase one specifically made for car glass. Ammonia-based cleaners that are formulated for glass can discolour or ruin window tints.

Here are the best window cleaners.

Window wipes

Window wipes are an easy way to clean up your windows quickly if you don’t have much time.

These products are not designed to clean windows and remove large amounts of buildup. We don’t recommend them as part your regular car maintenance or cleaning routine. These are great for keeping in the car and to use between washes. You can also wipe the area with your microfibre towels if you have time.

Armor All Glass Wipes is our top choice. They are safe for tinted windows and can be used inside or out.

Glass Cleaner

Formulated glass cleaning products for automotive glass are more effective at cleaning your windows. You should always use a spray bottle. This will save you time and allow you to quickly spray over any glass.

Our top pick – Autoglym Fast Glass. The highly-rated product is capable of quickly removing dust, insects and tree sap from your glass.

DIY Cleaner

The internet has many DIY cleaning products that you can use, including rubbing alcohol. You can clean your home with just what you already have.

Our top choice – White vinegar cleaning solution. Make a mixture of one part white wine and two parts distilled alcohol. Once it is mixed, put the solution in a spray bottle. For instructions on cleaning, follow the steps below.

How do you clean car windows with no streaks?

If you don’t have one, we recommend washing your car. This will eliminate any lingering dirt or bugs, and you can then polish up your car’s glass.

It’s best that you clean your car’s windshield first. It’s the same as cleaning your windows. But, because dirt is more likely to stick to your windshield than on your windows it makes sense that you clean your side windows last. You can find more information on cleaning your car windscreen here.

Exterior Windows

You will need two microfibre towels and a glass cleaner for your exterior windows.

  1. Spray the cleaner all over the window. Side windows, like the windscreens, should be small enough to allow you to spray your cleaning solution all over them.
  2. You can wipe your surface streak-free with a microfibre cloth made of lint.
  3. You can also buff the cloth in circular motions with the other side.

Interior Windows

You should clean your interior glass with the same care as your windscreen.

  1. Do not spray cleaner on your interior.
  2. Use your microfibre towel to wipe the inside windows in a vertical motion. Next, use a horizontal motion.
  3. Dry the towel with a microfibre towel.

Rolling down windows is a good idea to clean the interior and exterior. It is also a good idea plan your cleaning for cloudy days or cool, because heat and strong UV rays could cause your cleaner to bake into your window.

How do I clean the rubber around my car’s windows?

The rubber trim around your car windows is easy to overlook as it does not easily fall under the categories of car body and window cleaning. You need to make sure your rubber trim is in top condition so that they don’t get any moisture or contaminants into your windows.

It’s possible to clean them in just a few simple steps.

  1. Use car shampoo on the entire trim.
  2. Clean and remove all dirt using a microfibre towel or sponge. A soft toothbrush is recommended for particularly filthy or marked trim.
  3. Wipe the shampoo off with a damp, clean microfibre towel.
  4. Use a microfibre towel for drying.

To keep your rubber in its best condition, apply a rubber preserver once it has dried completely. AutoGlym’s Vinyl and Rubber Care protects and conditions interior and exterior rubber. This creates an anti-static barrier which is strong but flexible and resistant to moisture, oxidation, and fading.

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